Sunday, August 19, 2012

Save an Endless Amount of Money On Energy

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Lower Your Shades
Lower your shades each day. Sure, it takes a little effort, but it pays off by reducing heat gain from outside, especially in south-facing and west-facing windows. Choose light-colored shades to most effectively reflect the sunlight, and save energy.

To save money, you must limit energy used during on-peak hours Monday through Friday.
Wash your laundry after peak hours. Use your washer, dryer, dish washer and any other of your big energy using appliances later at night.  Doing so will save you a good deal of money & energy.  The highest time of day year round is 3pm - 6pm.  July & Aug are the most expensive months the difference in price is huge.  Washing during On- Peak time you can pay as much as 21 cent per kilowatt - hour (kWh) Off - Peak you can pay as low as 7 cent per kilowatt - hour (kWh).  That's a HUGE difference, for sure.  If your still not convinced that this saves money, try it and and check your bills to compare and see the difference.  When I did this test myself a couple years back my savings was HUGE, we saved about $20 a month on average.  I've been doing it that way ever since.  And since I am not a good night sleeper anyway it's easier for me do it at night any how. 
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Another big way to save money & energy, is to check out your electric companies website.  Some states and some different areas have programs that if you sign up & pledge you'll use more energy during Off-Peak hours you'll get a bigger savings then normally which is kind of like getting your coupon doubled!  We don't have this in our area or I'd be signed up for sure, but even if you think you don't have it either I would recommend checking ever so often.  They may just change their policy and you won't know if you don't keep an eye on their site.  Most electric companies also have other ways and information for you to save money on their site.  It's worth the little bit of time to check it out, cause any amount of money you can keep in your pocket instead of in theirs is always worth it.

Break the disposable water habit by using refillable bottles or jugs. It will save you lots of money & could help reduce toxic greenhouse gases and landfill waste – a refreshing change for us all. 
"Stop eye rolling at me, now." lol
Planting trees in the right spots around an unshaded home can reduce summer air conditioning bills by 15 to 50%. Cool, right? 
Leave the car in the garage this summer and have some fun right in your own backyard. You'll reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions. And you won't have to hear, "Are we there yet?"

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