Sunday, August 19, 2012

BIG BROTHER FUN, What House Guess Are You?

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Well I've been a Big Brother fan for quit some time now.  It's my guilty pleasure, when it comes to reality TV.   
I just found this game you can play and it will tell you who/what house guest your most like.
I was happy with my results so you may want to try it out and see what it says about you.


I was happy with my results I loved Janelle, and was voting for her to win, although I wasn't happy with how she played this year.  I don't know why she started to lie and back stab, I thought of her as a great player, I don't know if she was scared she wasn't good enough or strong enough this year or what was different for her.  I only wish she would of played like she did before this year.
 Oh well, you win some you loose some.  I've lost a lot this year though.
First I was with Will, hey he's a local boy so I am always loyal & pull for a local.  Then Will  had to play to hard to fast & confront the whinny chef, who says he head butted him.  He didn't by, the way.  Will did put his hands on whinny chef, but he didn't head butt him.  

Then I though I liked Dan, I could remember liking Dan, but for some reason I forgot he was a little sneaky snake - until I started seeing his true colors coming out then I remembered oh yeah, that's how he played before except he played the good guy longer last time.  "Funny how we easily forget, what happened earlier"

He only picked the people to coach that he did, because he could tell they were quitter and he hoped he could get them to do his dirty work, so far so good.  Danielle is doing just that, she is blinded by Shane's good looks and the poor girl thinks Dan is her hero big brother, both guys have her fooled.  Hopefully she wakes up soon. 

It's sad, I have nobody to root for cause I dislike the way everybody is playing the game.
I even had to give, Boogie points last week, because he was good at convincing them to start the silent 6.  He did make a big mistake when he told, Frank to wait to get Dan out though.  I would of slapped his butt on the board as fast as I could.  Dan is so scared and jealous of Frank it's kind of weird.  I am guessing he just wants to play with Boogie that badly, I don't understand it myself.   Unless he hates hearing the word "Prish" just as much as we do? I could understand that!

Who does it say your like? 
It's quick to get the answer, so check it out and have fun!
Just whatever you do don't say, Prish or I just might puck! lol  
I just happen to find this Big Brother site BuddyTV tonight and it's pretty cool I wasted about 4 hours of my life already! lol :(~  

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