Hello y'all my name is Laura and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana, born and raised.  "I lived in a few other states for short periods of time, but we always came running back home."  I am a divorced mother of two.  I have two very smart, beautiful daughters ages, 17 and 22.  My 17 year old is a senior still living at home and my 22 year old is already out of the house in a long relationship and has a super cute 2 year old baby girl.  YES, I am a maw maw, and I LOVE IT!   It's amazing how much I love this little girl.  I never knew, I would ever be able to love anybody as much as my own two children, but I do!  Oh yeah, I am also called mommy, by 3 furry kids and one feathered one too!   "I am a HUGE ANIMAL LOVER!"
This is just like mine except it is on the right side of my hip.  

"I have a blog about this if your interested in seeing real pictures and more info on the surgery."

I am not employed, due to being disabled.  I injured my back at the age of 15, in a really weird freak accident.  I've had multiple surgeries and just this year I had a Spinal Chord Stimulator put in. It has been the most help so far, but I am still in pain. 

 I grew up poor with a single mother and my little brother.  All those days of scraping by, double checking prices, doing coupons and what have you seemed like a real pain in the butt and waste of time back then, but today I am very happy I lived the experience. I truly believe I am a much better person, because of it. 

I know what it means to stretch a dollar, to not have what you want or need, but still to over come it by, finding a way to make due with something in it's place.  I am now good at finding substitutes , freebies or a new way of doing something to make sure.  I Love the challenge, of it.

 Growing up poor has also helped me to be a kinder and more caring person too!  I know and don't think I am above anybody, and I don't really think anyone else is more important then the next person either.  I really think our Country is blind to this matter lately, we are so obsessed with fame and fortune and it seems like everyone wants to be famous, no matter if they have talent or not.  What the heck, is going on?

I love saving money when it comes to buying what we need.  It's kind of a game/challenge to me to find the lowest price out there for whatever it is we need.  When I have to pay retail or full price on anything I feel like I am being kicked in the gut.  It's too, painful, so I don't do it very often at all.  I also LOVE passing on savings to others.  It makes me happy to help others.

And now that my daughter is a senior and about to go to college I am trying to set up a blog/website to do what I love to do best which is save myself and others money, but I am hoping to be able to make money at the same time, since I am disabled I can not work a normal job.  I am on medication and will be for the rest of my life.  My medicine is SUPER expensive too, thank God I do have Insurance to help pay for it. 

Please book/mark my site, look around, tell your friends and family and come back often I promise to have the best deals I can find and LOTS of FREEBIES TOO!