Friday, May 25, 2012


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DIY Facial Mask for All Skin Types

{Lifechanger, Louisa Maccan-Graves, has recipe for a facial mask that addresses pigmentation spots, sun damage, wrinkles, acne and blemishes.} 

It’s loaded with skin healing enzymes and natures natural Retin A. Even those with rosacea or sensitive skin can use it safely.

You would normally pay $65 for a similar mask at a famous Beverly Hills Salon, but we have the recipe to brighten and age-proof your skin you right here. Louisa’s facial mask costs under $3


Because all you need is:

Because all you need is a ripe papaya!

    Step 1:

    Cut a slice of ripe Hawaiian or Mexican papaya. Remove the pulp and seeds.

    Step 2:

    Rub the inside peel of the papaya slice onto face, hands and neck. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with tepid water. Your skin will feel beautiful and healthy!

    DIY Bonus:

    Eat the papaya pulp after removing! It’s loaded with healthy digestive enzymes, is low in calories (just 39cal/100g), and is high in vitamin-C, which boosts your immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

    A huge thank you to Dr. Drew & Louisa Maccan Graves
    for this great facial. 
     I can't wait to try it, I'll go buy a papaya today.
    If you have tried this or will try it please let me know how it works out. :)
    I have Melasma, which SUCKS!!!! If you have been blessed with this sweet gift given to women who have had kids you know just how much I LOVE it NOT!!   It's one of the meanest gifts ever, that's for sure! I know there are a few things like creams to put on and it's suppose to lighten it, but come on it takes months, years and then if you go in the sun just for a few minutes you have to start all over again, what bull$hip huh?  I hate it, can you tell? lol  I hate it so much I even when and got my hair cute yesterday to have bangs which I haven't had for years.  I am hoping that having bangs will at least help hide my forehead. Who knows maybe it will work a little.  If you are cursed with Melasma, I pray you and I both find a cure and can go out the house without getting brown spots on our face again soon.  I did find this information on it for those of you who are wondering what it is or would like to know more about it.  

    How to Treat Melasma

    Beautiful Skin After Pregnancy Mask 

    The dark skin discoloration isn't dangerous, but can be of cosmetic concern. Here are some ways to treat melasma effectively. 

    Melasma is a dark skin discoloration, which appears on cheeks, forehead, nose or upper lips, and is often symmetrical on both sides of the face. Since those patches often occur with pregnant woman, melasma is commonly called “Pregnancy Mask”. It is also common in women, who take birth control pills or hormones during menopause. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone are known to be a factor in developing melasma.

    Main Causes are Hormones and Sun-Exposure

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