Monday, March 19, 2012


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If so your not alone, I heard on the News all the pets are scratching, including my own!

If you have normally been laid back with flea prevention in the Winter time, I
want to warn you that your going to have to prepare your pets earlier this year.
Why, you may ask? Well mainly, because this has been one of the oddest Winters we've had in a while I only wore my coat 2 times and that was when I went to Tennessee!  It's not really been cold at all.

Are the flower blooming, already around your house? If not your lucky,
but for most of us they're not only blooming early they've been blooming for a few weeks already.
And when the flowers are blooming you can bet the fleas are hatching an just 
hunting for our pets to munch on.  

My dogs have both been scratching like crazy the last few days so much that I was up, hunting for good prices on flea meds in the middle of the night.
I found a few deals and a few codes to pass on to you so 
hopefully you and your family won't have to pay full price to keep your 4 legged babies from scratching like crazy.

"I went a head and got Advantage II from the vet in a 4 pack earlier,  just so I could get my dogs started now, but I always order on-line, because I can get a much better deal by combining codes and using free shipping.  They were itching way too bad to wait one more day, so if you can wait check out these deals."

1-800-PetMeds Chalkboard/180x150.gif


"These are just a few example of the ones I found, the smaller sizes are sale too!"

Frontline 3pk Large 45-88 Lbs
Reg. $47.49 $37.99 Save $9!

Cats flea MEDS are on sale too, 
I just didn't hunt for them, because with just one cat now
her last a lot longer.
If your looking for cat meds click here.

And you can use this discount code:  LOYAL636
for any pet product you want it doesn't have to be just on flea medication.
That code will save you $6.36 until April 15TH 2012

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $39 or more!

Up to 90% off great products

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