Saturday, December 3, 2011

SAVE 25% AT PERSONAL CREATIONS On Everything For The Holidays

When you go through this LINK which is a personal link of mine, 
they will give you 25% off your order. 

They have some of the cutest ornaments, even some I've never seen any place before.
Like this check it out!

How cute do you have a little one that is working on Potty Training?
Did You Just Get Married?
Did Your Teenager Get Their Drivers License This Year?
They Have Many Like This And They Can Add Up To 9 And Put What You Want On It.
Well you get the idea, there are so many cute ornaments to choose from.  If you can think of it most likely they have it, they even have an expecting couple.  "too cute" 

The going price is mostly $12.99 on all of them, before taking off the 25% and that does include putting your name or names on it too.
  "I love ornaments so much, each year I try and get each family member a new one that means something to them.  It makes it so special when we are getting the Christmas stuff out.  That way we  have a story and memories with each ornament, as we un-rap it to go over as we listen to Christmas music and decorate.  
I also love that, I was able to give my oldest daughter all of her special ornaments to take with her when she moved out into her own place.  And this year is even more special, because she just bought her first home this year so I will have to get her one that shows the new home for sure! :) 
If you haven't started this tradition in your own family yet, you should start now.  And if you don't have the money for ornaments make them.  It's easy to make ornaments out of old craft stuff, old Christmas cards, glue, you name it you can come up with something special.  Just make sure you put the date on it, your memory later maybe 2011 I was out of work, and we had to make all of our gifts.  Some of my best memories as a child was when we were our poorest. My mom was a widow/single mom raising my brother and I this was before my little brother came along.  When we were our poorest it was, because my mom didn't have a job or was laid off at that time, but that also meant we got to spend more time with her. :) So, if your having a hard time right now with money don't feel so bad about not being able to give your kids everything they want.  Just remember to be happy and you can take this time to teach them the real meaning of Christmas. 
As long as you make it special your kids will remember the love and time you gave them, I promise you.
Happy Holidays!

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