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If you LOVE the old Holiday programs you grew up on
here's where you can find lots of them and either enjoy reminiscing alone  or with loved ones.

If you are already enrolled as a Amazon Prime Member you most likely know

I have a few Christmas specials I have to watch every year and while looking for them and a few others I came across these old programs we all grew up on and thought I'd share it with a few of you who most likely are kind of weird like me and LOVE watching them again. ;)

What Christmas or Holiday movie do you have to watch every year?
My favorite is: "A Christmas Story."
 "I also have a few that I LOVED to watch with my children when they were little & I am so happy I got to watch a few with my 4 year old grand-daughter this year." :)
We watched "Home Alone" & she loved it just as much as her mother did when she was a little girl. :)


Holiday TV Classics: 49 TV Classic Episodes
List Price: $9.98  Only $4.50

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Mill Creek Entertainment brings to you 49 episodes of holiday-themed programming from some of your favorite classic television shows.

This is a 4-disc set of 50's and early 60's era TV sit-coms, variety and drama for the Christmas season. An added bonus is a link on Disc One for a Virtual Fireplace that you can keep on the screen while listening to music,wrapping presents, trimming the tree, etc. Cozy.
This set is one of the best values I have seen anywhere for the price.
You can even have it wraped!
Save yourself a little time by taking advantage of holiday gift wrapping for just $2.99. We'll select from our coordinating papers, boxes, and ribbons to make your gift special. 

List Price: $12.99 NOW ONLY $7.25  
Father Knows Best: The Christmas Story December 19, 1954,
The Donna Reed Show: A Very Merry Christmas December 24, 1958,
McHales Navy: The Day They Captured Santa Claus December 21, 1962
Bewitched: A Vision of Sugar Plums December 24, 1964,
That Girl: Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid December 22, 1966,
Window On Main Street: Christmas Memory November 6, 1961,
The Flying Nun: Wailing In A Winter Wonderland December 21, 1967
MOST REVIEWS ARE AS FOLLOWS: "If you are a sentimentalist, as I am, and enjoy watching the old sitcoms, you will love this item."

TV Sets: Holiday 2-Pack
 List Price: $24.99 
$18.93 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
NINE SHOWS - eight complete episodes and one SEGMENT from December 1962 to December 1982:
 DISC #1
"The Beverly Hillbillies" - one episode - (aired on 12/25/1963) - "Christmas at the Clampetts"

"The Lucy Show" - one episode - (aired on 12/24/1962) - "Together for Christmas"

"Petticoat Junction" - one episode - (aired on 12/24/1963) - "Cannonball Christmas"

"Happy Days" - one episode - (aired on 12/07/1976) - "Richie Branches Out"

"Laverne & Shirley" - one episode - (aired on 12/19/1978) - "O Come All Ye Bums"

"Mork & Mindy" - one episode - (aired on 12/14/1978) - "Mork's First Christmas"

"The Odd Couple" - one episode - (aired on 12/17/1970) - "Scrooge Gets an Oscar"

"Cheers" - one episode - (aired on 12/16/1982) - "The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One"

"Love, American Style" - SEGMENT - (aired on 11/17/1972) - "Love and the Christmas Punch"

 DISC #2
This was released in 2008 as the DVD 'Holiday Treats'. It features eight complete episodes from December 1955 to December 1993.

"I Love Lucy" - one episode - (aired on 12/24/1956) - "I Love Lucy Christmas Show"

"The Honeymooners" - one episode - (aired on 12/24/1955) - "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

"The Andy Griffith Show" - one episode - (aired on 12/19/1960) - "Christmas Story"

"The Brady Bunch" - one episode - (aired on 12/19/1969) - "The Voice of Christmas"

"Taxi" - one episode - (aired on 12/12/1978) - " A Full House for Christmas"

"Family Ties" - one episode - (aired on 12/14/1983) - "A Keaton Christmas Carol"

"Frasier" - one episode - (aired on 12/16/1993) - "Miracle on Third or Fourth Street"

"Wings" - one episode - (aired on 12/21/1990) - "A Terminal Christmas"

 If your looking for a REAL Oldie you might want to check out this one:


Red Skelton weaves his magic in a classic holiday collection of his finest sketches from his TV show. In Vibrant Color!  

The holiday season is in full swing when a cultured gentlemen with twinkling eyes, and ample belly, and a snowy beard is hired as Macy's department store Santa. He claims his name is Kris Kringle, and soon fills everyone with Christmas spirit - except for his boss, Doris Walker, who's ...  raising her daughter Susan to not believe in Santa but when Kris is declared insane and put on trail everyone's faith is put to the test as old and young alike face the age old question: Do you believe in Santa Claus? I do, that's for sure!
Speaking of believing in Santa there is a FREE App that I've been enjoying with my grand-baby it's named Christmas Countdown it's FREE and besides watching Santa fly by daily on his scooter it shows you how many days you have left plus it gives you a Nice List & Naughty List, that you can add & minus names on daily.  My grand-baby LOVES checking it daily when she gets here in the morning.  I even added our animals names to the list.  She thought it was so funny, because the bird & one of our dogs name ended up on the naughty list one day.  "just make sure you have an explanation made up, because believe me they will want to know the whole story, and I do mean the whole story." lol

Another Classic 1947
An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would had been like if he never existed. 

Classic Holiday TV: 70s, Ep. 5 

"The Waltons: Season 5  The Best Christmas"


The Original Christmas Classic


 Rebecca is nostalgic for a Midwestern Christmas; Danny longs for his absentee girlfriend, Vicky; and D.J. is melancholy after arguing with Steve. All three resolve their problems in the Christmas spirit.

Here's a FREEBIE for your toddler!
Spend the most wonderful time of the year with your favorite purple pal in this "dino-mite" Christmas classic. Join Barney and friends as they take a musical journey to the North Pole where they are greeted as special guests at Santa's Workshop.

You can play this while opening gifts, cooking, cleaning or whatever it's like a HUGE screen saver for your TV with holiday music.

The Merry Yule Log
When we think of Christmas, we think of great traditions. There are few things more traditional at Christmas time than the sound of classic holiday carols and the warm crackle of a yule log in the fireplace. Start your own tradition this season with The Merry Yule Log, and bring the warmth of Christmas into your home.

"I just couldn't believe the reviews so I had to watch it to see if they were really right.  Yep, they were right alright!"
How the heck did they get some of these stars to even do this show?  

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