Sunday, November 18, 2012


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 Last year, Howard Clark told us about a test going on for people who love movies. The deal was, you pay a flat rate and then in return for paying the flat rate, you can go to all the movies you want, all month long.
Well, this product called MoviePass.com is now going nationwide. And what they're doing is different prices in different cities in the country--I guess depending on how much people are really willing to spend to go to the movies all the time. Typical price, 25 bucks a month, except in high cost cities like San Francisco, where you pay an arm, leg, and a foot for one of these subscriptions.

But the scoop is, right now it's so popular you've gotta go on a waiting list. You just go to MoviePass.com. Now those people who listened to Clark last year went on the waiting list, well they're now gonna be in with unlimited monthly movies.  Of course goofy me listen to Clark on TV and then went about my daily life &  forgot about signing up.  I did go sign up for the waiting list today though.  Make sure you sign up cause this is a great deal if you go twice a month it cost $25.  I don't really think it will be anymore then that in this area.

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