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Supermarket Health Hazards That Could be Making You Sick.
 Learn how to spot the grocery aisle scams that are leaving you fat and broke.
1. When buying eggs:  
Never buy your eggs above the, LOAD LIMIT LINE
The LOAD LIMIT LINE can be found on the side of the shelf look closely at the sides of the shelf and you'll see some holes and then you'll see written very small LOAD LIMIT With a Line above it.  What that means is anything above is not at the proper coldness so,
ALWAYS GET YOUR EGGS BELOW THE LOAD LIMIT LINE. And of course still look at them and make sure they are clean and not broken.  A trick to quickly know if they have a small crack take your two fingers and spin the egg around once.  If it spins no cracks if it don't spin there's a good chance it's stuck, because it's cracked.

2.  Store Baked Goods:  Just letting you know that lots of store bakeries are allowed to mix in frozen dough with fresh and the frozen can be up to a year old.  As long as it's only a year it should be okay, but I bet you didn't know just how old that day old bread really was.

3.  Produce & Meat: Tricks that supermarkets do is put colored lighting over their products.  Say a green filter over the green veggies, so they look super fresh and healthy!  Or the meat department put a red filtered or red sign above the meat, in turn making the meat look much fresher.  Best thing to do is pick up a product and walk away from the colored lights to examine it. 

4.  MEAT DEPARTMENT - This is VERY IMPORTANT the date you see on the food that says use by date you want to buy the meat and use it before that date or either freeze the meat by that day.  Now here is the tricky part most of us don't know about, if the meat was packaged by a Manufacture the date CAN NOT be changed.  But, it the meat is packaged by the supermarket, the use by date CAN BE changed over and over again!  This isn't a good thing to know, now the only way you can tell if your getting fresh meat is to trust your grocery, or you could ask them.  Who wants to do that? And who knows what type of answers we will get.   

5.  The longer you stay in a store the more you will spend!  Ways they keep you inside: Soft elevator music, free coffee or coffee shop, bakeries and such.
6.  The worse day to shop - MONDAY The reason why? Because the weekend is the busiest and everybody has picked over all the fresher and better products.
7.  Best day to shop - Wednesday - Start of most sales, New Products have come in.
8.  Try and stay away from Managers Specials.  Most of the so called specials are things the Managers can't sell, dates are old, or such things like that.
10.  Make sure you wash your re-useable bags.   Bags used over and over again risk contamination from disease-causing bacteria, thanks to the various dairy, meat, and produce they’re exposed to over the weeks.  Keep your groceries safe and free from contamination by cleaning your bags after every 10 trips to the market. For a cloth bag, just throw it in the laundry like your clothes. Wipe plastic bags down using a bleach spray.    
11.  Make sure you use the wipes by the door: Wipe down your grocery cart handle and seat before shopping.  Wipe anywhere your hands will be touching.  Another great thing to do is use hand wipes after you put your groceries in your car too.                                                 You don't want to know what has been found on these carts it's GROSS! Just think raw meat, babies mouths, babies butts, "yeah butts" and much more just clean it.

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