Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sick & Tired of Being in Debt? You Can Fix it!

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"Quick message to why I haven't updated in so long.  I have been in Texas I had to go to a doctor for more health problems.  I'll try and update more soon, I am pretty tired from the long drive."
Are You Done with Debt?
Take the following test:
"See just how much you even know about debt in the first place."

If you buy a $2,300 couch using your credit card and you pay only the minimum on the card at 18.99% interest, how long will it take you to pay it off?
3 years             6 years
7 years             10 years
What will the couch cost you by the time it’s paid off?$2,800              $3,200
$3,600              $4,300
Short test. Let’s see how you did.
Don't feel bad most of us have no clue as to what the answer is.  I know it's SAD, at first you think you know, but then when you start trying to figure it out it's like holly crap? Ummm 
Why aren't we taught this type of stuff in school? I remember the only thing I was really taught in school when it came to finance was how to write a check.  What about you, what did you get taught in school when it comes to finances? 
"The correct answer is down below"
Did you pick 10 years? If so your a smart cookie!

If you buy a $2,300 couch using your credit card and you pay only the minimum on the card at 18.99% interest, it will take you 9.9 years to pay it off and you’ll pay $1,998 in interest, taking the cost of the couch to just under $4,300 once it’s paid in full.
No doubt the couch is starting to look a little ratty, and you may be wondering why you paid almost twice as much as the store said you would as you look at it disintegrating even before it’s paid off. Hey, that’s the power of interest working against you. Sick and tired of being in debt? Ready to cut off the credit card company and put your money to work for you, instead of for the credit card people?

Debt-Free Forever: Take Control of Your Money and Your Life

Make a plan.
Without a plan, you’re simply throwing money at the problem debt without having a clear sense of what you’re trying to accomplish. Start by making a list of all the people to whom you owe money -- your creditors. Put the list in order from highest interest rate to lowest. Make sure you’re putting your greatest effort at repayment against the debt with the highest rate.
This great information and help came from, Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  She is the lady that host the show on CNBC, called: "Till Debt Do Us Part"
Gail's Pre-Marriage Questions
1.  What assets do you own?
2.  What liabilities do you have?
3.  How will we manage the day to day finances?
4.  What financial goals are important to us?
5.  How would we deal with the worst case scenario?
The resources I got this info from was found on.
Slice Survival Guide
Gail No Debt-Free Forever

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