Sunday, September 2, 2012


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Good Morning Y'all! 
I hope all of you are safe and healthy this morning.  And for those of you who were in the way of the hurricane I sure hope you are all safe and didn't have much damage.
 We are safe and we didn't have major damage, just our fence, lots of bushes, and other yard damage.  Nothing that isn't replaceable.  And we were without electric from Tuesday to Friday night.  I am happy with our electric company though I feel they got our electric up and they even replaced wires to our house that burned up due to the outage.  If they would of missed that, we could of had a fire, so I am very happy they took their time and did a good job. 
My heart and prayers go out to all of those that have lost everything.  A few even lost their life, my sincere sympathy goes out to the families and loved ones.
We do have family and friends who didn't do as well as us and they are in need of our help right now.  I'll be off line more then on for the next few days.  We worked all day yesterday cleaning up, but we still have lots of work to do.  
I'll be posting some pictures soon maybe later today of some of the damage in my neighborhood.  We lost lots of Pecan Trees & Live Oaks. 
I'll get back as quick as possible, but until then have a wonderful day and stay safe! :) 
My daughter just text me she is still without power and she and many, many others are very upset with our electric company.  I can understand their frustration, believe me, it SUCKS, not having power it's just way to hot here.  The house starts to stink when the air is off, lots of people lose all their food, everyone starts getting on each others nerves just due to being miserable. 
We just have to know they truly are working their butts off to get it back, it's just a very dangerous job and they have tons of homes and businesses to get back up and working safely. 

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