Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great Deals Up to 92% Off Lots For Only $2!

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Ok y'all It's time to start looking under the couch cushions, the car ashtrays, the laundry room, the bottom of that purse that keeps hurting your shoulder and your kids piggy banks.  What? You only need 8 quarters!  Okay, okay, maybe not the kids piggy banks, but all the other places are easy pickings.
Why am I telling you to tear the house up looking for loose change?
Read On And I'll Show You What $2 Can Get You Today! 
 EVERSAVE has several deals coming your way today 
saving you up to 92% that's only 8 quarters!  
  These will make GREAT Holiday Gifts!
"Shhh nobody needs to know you only paid $2!"

Bonus Save: CHB Products - LiftGlow

$2 for LiftGlow wrinkle-reducing cream from Beauty Club

Bonus Save: Neverland Sales Pearl Earrings

$2 for two pairs of freshwater pearl earrings

Bonus Save: Deal Commerce - Armband

$2 for an iPhone/iPod armband carrier

Bonus Save: WidgetLove Bag Grips

$2 for an easy-grip shopping bag carry handle

Bonus Save: Shirin Diamonds

$2 for a Swarovski Elements crystal bracelet

Here are a few more great deals Eversave is selling right now, 
but they do cost more then 8 quarters.

Today Only $24 + FREE Shipping!

Stevenswood Spa Resort
 Value - $869 
Only $399!
 + spa credit and more

All You Magazines!
Value $39.84
"I LOVE these Magainzes!!"
October's Issues Saves Us $103!
The Coupons are AWESOME!!

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