Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coupon, Review & Recipe for New Tasteful Selections

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REVIEW ON Tasteful Selections Potatoes - and on the 
Recipe for:  Tasteful Selections Crushed Potatoes with Basil
Tasteful Selections Crushed Potatoes with Basil
REVIEW:   I made these tonight this was my first time eating these new fancy potatoes. ;) That's what I call them that or I thought they were Saints potatoes by the looks of them in them at first, but they came our out being LSU once cooked. Anyway my favorite things about these fancy potatoes are they are already clean, I mean squeaky clean.  
This recipe taste very good and I liked the size and taste of these small potatoes.  All that said, I did not taste much difference in these and other red potatoes.  Will I buy these again, YES!  My reasons, they are cute, clean, time savers, maybe they have more vitamins and less waste due to being able to eat the skins since they are cleaner and don't have any rotten spots. 
If you would like to find them in your area Check this page for locations
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