Wednesday, August 1, 2012


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Wendell & Laura
Laura/ME and my fiance Wendell
"We look like we're in a line up so stiff we were trying to get the front of our shirts in the picture.
Funny story, my mom was using my camera and she kept saying she couldn't see our shirts straight enough so we kept stiffing up more to flatten it.  Well come to find out she was looking at the picture taken before instead of what she was about to take." lol
""My bad, I forgot I had sunglasses hanging on mine.""

The Date is set for the 19th Annual: Friday, August 24th, 2012

We are tired of losing our loved ones to Cancer and seeing others suffer painful treatments & deaths.  We will be joining the Tom Sawyer 18th Annual Run/Walk for Cancer!  It's only 2 short miles and the money raised goes to some amazing educational programs,  Patient medical programs which help pay for medication other needed medical necessities and even Breastoration for those that need it and don't have the financial means. 
 It only cost $25 to enter the race you'll be helping many by signing up.
And besides all the great good your walking or running will do, you'll get so much from it too!
First running and walking is great for your health!  
"I've lost a total of 30lbs already this year from walking daily.  When I stop walking my weight creeps right back on, I've done this a few times so I know walking is the key to keeping my weight off."  
List of Thing You'll Get Outta Running/Walking 
Feeling of Acomplishment
Great Feeling of Stewardship
A Custom Designed T-Shirt - made by, Local Artist Matt Rinard
Entry to Post-Race Party! The Party is at Generation Hall  
Party Will include - Plenty of Refreshments, Draft Beer, Door Prizes & Music!
And Race People Are Always a lot of Fun!
Where else could you get all of this for only $25 and be doing so much good at the same time?  Don't wait sign up now, you'll have an amazing time, and be helping so many more people then you know.  And if you lost a loved one to Cancer, do it in honor of them! 
I will be walking in honor of my grand-mother - Georgia Portis
I lost my grandma to a very painful Pancreatic Cancer.
After watching and helping take care of my grandma as she wasted away in the most pain I've ever witnessed any one having, I wouldn't wish Cancer on anyone and I know there are things we can do to help reduce our chances of having to go through this ourselves.
We need the education to reach everybody, and we can help put an end to Cancer!
Wendell will be running in honor of all the children he works with and comes in contact with daily at Children's Hospital.  He is doing this in honor of a few of his family members who have been fighting been diagnosed & fighting cancer personally.  As of right now they are winning their battle, YEAH!  As most of us know it's a very hard fight and we can't let our guard down for not even a moment.  
Wendell will also be running his 1st FULL Marathon this year too!  It's the SAVANNAH ROCK AND ROLL MARATHON, He has run many 1/2 Marathons before, but never a full 26 miles.  He's working very hard training in this New Orleans heat which kind of feels like trying to run in a Sauna.  
He's been documenting as he prepares so please check it out!
He needs donations too, it need not be a lot.  I know not everybody has money especially if your reading my blog.  Every little bit helps so no gift is too small and God knows no gift is too large when it comes to Cancer so if your a Millionaire please give freely. ;)

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