Monday, August 13, 2012

Bobby Deen's Comfort Food Makeovers

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Bobby Deen's Comfort Food Makeovers

 Bobby Deen lightens up classic comforts, like pancakes, fried chicken and pizza,
 and shares more of his favorite tasty, healthy recipes.
Cooking Channel

Chicken or Steak with Balsamic BBQ Sauce

There are many more great recipes on this site check them all out and save tons of 

time, calories and fat.  You'll also have plenty of ideas to keep you from getting board with what can I eat and still eat healthy.  If your like most of us we never grew up eating that well and knowing what to eat or how to cook it for that matter.  I truly believe eating well doesn't have to be boring, bland or hard for that matter.  We just need to do a little work on learning seasonings, flavor and different ways to cook thinks.  


I've been working very hard at losing weight this year and so far I've lost a total of  35 lbs.  I've mainly lost it with exercise, but I have also been eating a lot cleaner "so ta speak."  Not eating out, cooking all my own food and trying to eat as lean as possible.  It gets hard to know what to cook so I am very happy to find there 50 recipes.  I hope you also are able to use them for your family and cook up some great lighter meals.



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