Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dog Walking Leash for Dogs That Pull - ENJOY WALKING AGAIN!

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~Control your strong dog ~

ONLY $19.99

$19.99 for the Monster Walker by the Paws Republic - Shipping Included ($30 Value)
 Value: $30 Save: 34%
• Dog walking leash for dogs that pull
• Puts safe pressure on pet when they pull
• Tame your enthusiastic pooch, harm-free
• Enjoy walking your dog again
Shipping included 
If you are a dog owner who has a big dog in the house, you may find that dog walking time can be a bit tedious for some. After all, your big dog may act like a puppy but pull you around the neighborhood, not realizing its sheer strength. Monster Walker by Paws Republic is an innovative dog walking leash specifically crafted to prevent larger dogs, particularly pups 20 lbs. and larger, from pulling the dog walker all about. This leash is set up so that the restraint is on the pet’s belly as opposed to the neck so that when you pull on the leash, it offers a non-choke option for your pup while keeping your pet in line. 

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