Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 Children's Museum Tickets for Only $16!

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Louisiana Children's Museum

  50% Off

Louisiana Children's Museum
Museum Admission for Four Only $16

 This is a GREAT DEAL, I just ordered this for my grand-baby!
We have been wanting to go and now we can all go for 1/2 price!
My kids use to LOVE, the Children's Museum when they were little.
I can't wait to go, since it's been so long, I am excited to see what's new!
We haven't taken my grand-baby yet since she was so young, but she is just the right age to start going now.  She is 3 about to make 4. 
"I can picture her holding up her little 4 fingers as I write this she keeps telling us she is about to be 4. ;) Her birthday isn't until Aug 30th, so she still has a little while."

I am sure she'll be this happy! lol

She's a little nut! :)

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