Wednesday, June 27, 2012

$1 Grocery Tote + 40 Free Prints GREAT FOR EVERYBODY!

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York Photo - $1 Grocery Tote + 40 Free Prints

York Photo $1.00 Grocery Tote Plus If you are new to York Photo you get 40 free prints.
Use Code: YORKTOTEAD (Expires July 30th) Shipping for Tote: $3.99
What a FUN bag! 
This bag could be made into a gift for just about anybody!
Really, all you have to do is add pictures of whatever that person likes, loves or
even pictures of their hobby, veggies just about anything.
Most of us would like personal photos, but some may want to put pictures of their art.
Whatever it is you, I or whoever wants it can be made for everybody.
I LOVE the price so I am going to make one with my grand-baby on it.
The hardest part will be deciding to either give it to my daughter or keep it for myself. lol ;)

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