Monday, May 21, 2012


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It’s almost summer time and the living is easy.  Unless, you’re hosting a barbecue full of badly behaved guests.  Don’t worry, cause Clinton from, The Chew has the tips and tricks to make sure you’re the perfect host and guest this season.

Don’t Be a Backseat Barbecue-er!

Sure, grilling is a fun, social activity, but keep your hands off your host’s grill.  You wouldn’t step into someone’s kitchen and start cooking, would you?

Instead, offer to help set out side dishes, serve drinks or just sit down and have a great time.

Dress Right

Don’t dress inappropriately, and don’t even think about dressing like this, unless it’s a pool party.  Instead, do wear a nice pair of Bermuda shorts, some wedges and a cute blouse or t-shirt.

Guys – no jean shorts or athletic shoes! Get some nice khaki shorts and loafers!

Don’t Let Kids Run Wild at a Party

Barbecues can be especially dangerous because of the grill.

Whether you’re a host or a guest have a game for the kids to play.   It will keep them busy and away from the grill.

Clean Up After Yourself

If you were eating in someone’s living room, you wouldn’t leave a pile of garbage on the table.  So, don’t do it at a barbecue.  Instead, clean up after yourself, your family and offer to help the host clean up after the party.  Then, you’ll be the most-requested barbecue guest.

Don’t Bring Cheap Stuff and Drink Expensive Stuff

Pick up a nice bottle of wine that you would want to drink.
A nice pinot noir or shiraz is a good bet for a barbecue.

However, if you enjoy drinking the cheap stuff, stick with that! Just don’t drink the expensive wine instead.

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