Friday, December 2, 2011

Cards That Give A List Of The Best Charities Even FREE E-Cards!

If your still looking for ways to give back this is a great site that has many 
 great charities to pick from.  They even have a few of my favorite charities like: 

And the ones listed below.  

There are also E-cards some are even FREE so please make sure you check these out.

All of the charities are good, especially anything to do with feeding the hungry. All the Children Hospitals look in your own area when giving to them. The hospitals need the money, all the treatments they give are very expensive.
 There are many hungry people right now so if you can invite someone over for the holidays, or give just a little extra you could really be helping more then you know. They say when we give money to the food banks that they can buy much more then we can with our own money. "I don't know if they are talking about us with coupons, but the average person anyway." Anything you can give will help need it be food, love, your service, money, just give what you can.
"If you have never given before, you will be very surprise at how
 good it makes you feel."

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