Monday, November 28, 2011

The PINK Method Diet That's Helping Women Get Thin - Get it Cheaper!

The PINK Method Diet

If you watched Dr. Phil today you seen all the women that have lost greats amount of 
weight and have hit their goal weight in super short amount of times.

And diet is for sale today at 15% OFF and of course you seen the blender that they recommend and they said it's a $500 blender! Of course they gave everybody in the audiance one, but what about the people at home that just can't afford such an expensive blender? 
Well I know where you can get a Vitamix Blender it's not the newest model, but it has the same amount of power does the same thing and it even fits on your counter better then the one that they recommeded. It's also a little cheaper then buying it on their website too, because you can pay it off in payments which their website won't let you do that.
Here is the machine:
Vitamix Creations II 10 in 1 Blending Machine w/48oz Jar
Reg $500 On Sale for $399 or on 5 Easy Payments 

Vitamix Creations II Same Price At Amazon But FREE Shipping!

THE PINK METHOD $79.98 TODAY - 15% OFF = $67.99
OR On Two Payments of $39.99 Next payment due in 30 Days.

 Here are the Toning Fila Pants they recommended they are $55
Amazon Has Them For The Same Price, But FREE Shipping.

Here are the Shoes they Recommend The Sketchers

SKECHERS - Shape Ups XF- Superstep (White/Silver) - Footwear

75% Off Reg. $100 Now Only $24.99! Plus Free Shipping!
The above shoe is sold out as of today, but maybe coming back.

SKECHERS - Shape-Ups - Incites (White/Pink) - Footwear
They are listed for $70 on Dr Phil's link Plus Shipping too. :( 

Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase


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  2. The blender and pants are cheaper on amazon.com. The only good deal is on the sneakers.

  3. must be nice to be able to afford this stuff... I got five kids an a disabled husband, guess I will just stay fat

  4. You could just cut your portions in half and take a walk for a couple of miles a day and lose weight and improve your mood. Just give yourself a week or two and try-your deserve it.

  5. I also have 5 children. And no money. I cook clean and do homework. I try to exercise daily but I am just exhausted all the time. I wish I had even support!