Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't Miss Out, It's 48 Hours of Great Sales 1 New Item Added Every Hour!

Shop Tanga for huge discounts on electronics, games, t-shirts, and more every day!

tanga is having one of there great every hour sales again!

Clink on the box at the top left of the page where it says tangathon

~Because every hour on the hour a new product is being added to the list!~

The Tangathon runs until 7PM Pacific time (9PM CST, 10 East) on September second.

Pull Up a Chair

You could be there a while, because the deals are that good!  And hey I know what your thinking, a healthy snack & a beer don't really seem like they go together, right?  Yeah, they really do.  Ya see I think of it like this:  If your being good to yourself one place you can afford to give a little in another, and one beer isn't really bad for ya anyway. ;) 
Relax you had a hard day, a beer won't kill ya, and your home shopping so your not about to run over anybody. Enjoy!

 "I've gotten some pretty good stuff from tanga,  mainly when they have these type of deals.  Even though their everyday prices are great, I am such a bargain shopper/Tightwad I always try and double up on any and everything I buy of course.  That's okay, I wear my Tightwad label with pride!"

50% off Wrapped Canvas

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