Thursday, September 29, 2011

8 FREE Swag Bucks - Grab them Now for FREE Money and Prizes!


If your a member go on over to the Blog and look around 
Your clue:  NEW YEAR
If your not a member sign up for FREE right now!

It's FREE money.. you can win swagbucks which are considered like money.
You take those Swag Bucks and turn them into gift Certificates or prizes!
Either way there are a LOT of us who are doing our holiday shopping for FREE or very close to FREE!
ME being one of them.  Last month I turned my Swag Bucks into cash I got $50 through Pay-pal.
Now I am taking every 4,000 and turning it into Amazon Gift Cards!
If you buy most things for $25 or over at Amazon you get FREE shipping plus they are super fast!

So, all you need to do is Sign up go to the Blog right now and read the ad they have listed today.
Look around and you will see a funny looking list of letters and number together that don't work. It's like a story with a weird word that's isn't a word at all. 
Copy that and paste it in the box under your name.  You'll see the box it's right under your picture when you sign up you'll upload a picture and you put the codes in the box under your picture.
Super Easy!

I posted a box below where you can click on the Blog if your a member already and your there.
Not a member Sign up 
Then go to the blog and look for NEW YEAR story, if your having a time finding the blog then come back here and click on the box where it says Blog. 

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