Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stop Your Dog From Barking Once and For All - Humanly Too!

Is your dog driving you or your neighbors crazy with the barking?
"Well my oldest dog, has turned into Miss Chatter Box, to put it nicely.  It's driving us crazy!  We let our dogs out and she almost starts as soon as she hits the yard.  She barks at anything that moves or looks like it wants to move.  Our younger dog will bark a few times, but Miss Chatter Box is the one that starts it all.  I've been looking for something to help teach her since she just don't get the message that every time she barks she has to come in."

After looking and doing my homework I've found this product to be the BEST and the most HUMANE way with out any pain to dog.  The worse thing I do see is that it takes batteries and if your dog is a slow learner you'll have to replace the batteries.  They do also have the batteries on sale too though.  I'll put a link to the batteries also, that way you'll know where to get them or have them on hand to order.  

Reg $70 Today Only $33.55!
 "This is the cheapest I've seen this among many sites!"
I've read reviews and most say it works very quickly within a few times the dogs seems to get the message.  It doesn't hurt them it scares them, kind of like if you spray them with water.  Maybe the smell helps them remember since it Sprays harmless citronella burst.  Keeps the mosquitoes away!  Living in Louisiana that's a good thing! ;) 

Reg. $10.99 Now Only $6.96 
"You can also buy the batteries in the Camera Department at Target, 
Walmart and a few other department stores like that."

 Reg. $10.00 Now Only $8.64

First Reviews says:  It's a miracle!!!
SUCH a ruckus. He would bark and scream bloody murder if even the dog
was on the other side of the street.  Well imagine this 6 o'clock in the morning when the whole neighborhood is asleep. I'm sure you could imagine the embarrassment. Well I got this collar last week and I swear it's been a miracle. I'm kicking myself in the a## for not buying this collar earlier.

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