Monday, August 29, 2011

September RiteAid Video Value coupons:

Upcoming September RiteAid Video Value coupons:

September 2011 Video Values- Save over $120 
Videos Available through September 25th
Coupons good through October 22nd 
Baby- Save $13
$1.00 off any Playtex Baby Item
$3.00 off Avent Baby Bottles 4oz 2Packs or 
9oz and 11oz Singles
$1.00 off Huggies Diapers
$3.00 off Boudreaux's Butt Paste or Zilactin
$1.00 off any Aveeno Baby Item
$1.00 off Tugaboos Diapers
$1.00 off Tugaboos Baby Wipes
$2.00 off Tugaboos Infant Formula Powder
Benefiber Special Section- Save $1
$1.00 off Benefiber
Fall Allergy- Save over $8
$1.00 off Triaminic
$2.00 off Allegra, Children's Allegra, or Allegra D
$1.00 off Zyrtec Tablets or Liquid Gels
$2.00 off Vicks Thermometers
$1.00 off Two Kleenex Facial Tissue
$1.50 off Mucinex DM
Sensodyne ProNamel Special Section- Save $7
$1.50 off ProNamel Iso-Active Paste 4.3oz
$4.00 off any Two Sensodyne Iso-Active 4.3oz Pastes
or Pronamel Iso-Active 4.3oz Pastes
$1.50 off Sensodyne ProNamel Tooth Paste 4oz
Snacking- Save over $4
$0.50 off Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz Can
$1.00 off Emerald Breakfast on the Go
$0.50 off Chex Mix 5.5 to 8.75 oz, Bugles 7.5 oz,
Gardetto's 5.5 oz, or Nature Valley Nut Clusters 5oz
$1.00 off Any 2 Special K Cereal/Bars/Crackers
$1.00 off Two Oreo Cookies 16.6z
$0.30 off Libby's Fruit
$0.25 off Nature's Harvest Granola Trail Mix 4oz
Theraflu Special Section- Save $1
$1.00 off Theraflu
Great Offers- Save over $73
$1.25 off Select Avery Binders
$1.00 off any Bayer Advanced Aspirin
$0.50 off Trident 3pksf
$0.50 off any Clorox Brand Item
$5.00 off Heidi Klum Fragrance
$1.00 off Two Snapple 16oz
$0.75 Skintimate Shave Gel, Shave Cream, or Cream Shave
$1.00 off any Two Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color products
$0.50 off GE Compact Fluorescent Bulbs 1pk
$5.00 off alli Starter Kit 90ct or 120ct
$1.00 off Two Bags Hershey's Bliss
$0.50 off Two Reeses
$1.00 off a Bag of Hershey's Air Delight
$1.00 off Listerine 1L
$1.00 Scott Paper Towels
$1.00 off Depend or Poise (Excludes Poise Hourglass Pads)
$1.00 off any Libman Mop or Broom
$1.00 off M&M 8.2oz bags or Larger (offer expires 10/1/11)
$2.00 off Lamisil
$3.00 off any Cosamin or OmegaMint item
$1.50 off Nature Made Fish Oil
$0.25 off 32oz Gatorade
$1.00 off Clearasil
$1.00 off Lysol
$1.00 off Finish Quantum Tablets 10ct
$10.00 off Accu-Chek Aviva Meter
$10.00 off Accu-Chek Compact Plus Meter
$5.00 off Multiclix Lancets
$2.00 off any Samy Twisted Item (excludes trial size)
$2.00 off any Samy Fat Hair Item (excludes trial size)
$3.00 off any Samy Fat Foam Hair color (excludes trial size)
$1.00 off any Nature's Bounty Item
$3.00 off Osteo Bi-Flex
$1.00 off Disney Kids Vitamins
$0.10 off Welch's Grape Juice 14oz or 64oz
$0.50 off "5" Gum
$2.00 off Poise Hourglass Shape Pads
Rite Aid Exclusives- Save over $12
$10.00 off Video Transfer
One FREE FlavoRX Flavoring for Children's Liquid Medication

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