Monday, August 8, 2011

Grab (6) Swagbucks Right Now!

Good Morning Y'all!

There's a great (6) point Swag Bucks  out right now!
If your not a member of Swag Bucks then no problem just sign up now
It's super easy and only takes a few minutes.
Okay now for those of you that are signed up and you that just signed up
this is how you find the hidden code.
Click on the Swag Bucks box above where it says Swag Codes then click on
the blue box that pops up, it will say: "Check if There's a Swag Code"
**HINT** It will pop up saying "Walk up code in the Blog"  
Click on Blog then click on Read More in the Blog.
It will bring you to the blog in the blog start reading at the top and as you go down 
keep looking for anything out of place, like letters and numbers that just don't go.
Once you find that code copy it.
**TIP** Sometimes the code will be hooked to the beginning or end of a normal word, and that word will also be apart of the secret code.  "this is one of those times"
Once you find it copy your code and then go to where your name is on Swag Bucks then right under your name and picture put your code in that box and hit gimme you'll get your (6) Swag Bucks!

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