Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bleeding Riot Boy Robbed By Thugs Pretending To Help

 Bleeding riot boy robbed by thugs pretending to help!


 A boy injured during the London riots has been filmed being robbed by thugs who originally helped him to his feet.

Video uploaded onto YouTube shows a boy being offered assistance by a passer-by who then proceeds to loot his backpack with another youth.
The boy was filmed slumped on the ground and spitting blood onto the pavement as a group of a dozen youths surrounded him.
The outnumbered boy cowers defencelessly but does not resist as one of the men lift him up and appears to comfort him.
While the boy continues to tend to his wounded lip, onlookers begin to plunder his backpack.
The boy soon realizes he is being robbed and turns around to confront the punks, but by then, one of them has already walked off with what looks like an ipad.

"Why are so many people such lowlifes? This makes me so mad I want to cry for this boy.  Some say he was rioting, so he deserved what he got,  but we don't know that, he could of been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And even if he was rioting, what gives these punks the right to do this? I am really starting to get scared at what our world is to become.  People are turning pure evil, so uncaring and mean.  It's like they all feel they are entitled to whatever their heart desires, and they have no conscious so right or wrong is a joke to them.  What's going on?"

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