Thursday, May 19, 2011

CVS: Earn $10 Gas Cards All Summer!

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CVS: Earn $10 Gas Cards All Summer! 
Starting this Sunday, May 21ST 2011 CVS is offering a Summer Promotion to help you save money on gas just by buying the essentials you shop for anyway!
Buy $30 worth of qualifying products each week to earn a $10 gas gift card. 
The products will be different each week, and hopefully there will be a good things we really need and coupon matchups, so we can double our savings!

Limit 1 per week. $30 of qualifying purchases must be made in a single week; totals will not carry over from week to week. 
You could potentially get $40 of FREE gas a month!
(1 per week x 4 weeks).
 Not sure how long this is going to run, but I am looking forward to playing and trying to win at their game, for sure!

"I'll start trying to snoop around and find out what items will be on their list this Saturday, that way we can order coupons or dig them out of binders and get ready to SAVE!
Once ExtraCare customers reach the $30 required purchase threshold, a special coupon will print on their receipt that can be redeemed immediately in store for a $10 gas card. If customers prefer to wait to redeem their coupon they have up to 30 days to do so. Limit one redemption per week for each ExtraCare cardholder

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